St. Ägidius Church

St. Ägidius’ Church

The Romanesque landmark in Kortsch/Corzes

If you let your gaze wander over the barren slopes of the Sonnenberg mountain range in the Vinschgau valley in summertime, the white-chalk St. Ägidius' Church above Schlanders/Silandro will stand out. Embedded in the stone terraces of the Kortsch/Corzes steppe belt, the small Romanesque church resembles a Mediterranean rock church.
St. Ägidius Church
St. Ägidius Church
With its octagonal spire and the oversized Christophorus fresco on the south facade, St. Ägidius is also a landmark of the valley. The massive tower with a octagon roof was not built until the 14th century, when the Romanesque church was expanded. The Christophorus fresco, on the other hand, dates from around 1330. Inside there are also wall paintings from the 13th and 15th centuries, when the church above the Kortscher Leiten meadows was much used.

As a result of the strategically favourable environs featuring a view over the valley, people settled here in ancient times. Specifically, the remains of a prehistoric settlement, known locally as the “Schatzknott," were uncovered nearby.
St. Ägidius' Church: April 1 - October 28
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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